MVA Partners

The LA County Department of Military & Veterans Affairs provides a team of accredited Veteran Service Officers at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall to assist veterans and their families with service-related benefits. Although we have 22 field offices located throughout LA County, we are Headquartered at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, where we work with multiple partners to provide a full-spectrum of resources to veterans and their families, including those listed below.


Full-time, in-house partners:

Veteran Peer Access Network

You may be eligible for disability compensation if you have a service-related disability and you were discharged under other than dishonorable conditions.
The first-ever community-driven support network serving veterans and their families in the U.S., The Veteran Peer Access Network (VPAN) connects County departments, non-profits, the VA and L.A. City Programs. Led by veterans for veterans, VPAN helps you navigate often complicated systems so that you receive the services you deserve. VPAN prioritizes hiring veterans as “battle buddies” and systems navigators to connect their brothers and sisters in need with resources that will help.”

LAC Veterans Americas Job Center of California

The Veterans America’s Job Center of California is committed to assisting Veterans to re-enter the civilian workforce and to achieve a competitive edge in the labor market. This is done through a combination of education, training, career counseling, and supportive services. Our Veterans receive premier, priority of service and we strive to provide specialized, attentive services to our Veterans via a dedicated AJCC site that is staffed with Veterans who are distinctly qualified to respond to and address the unique needs of those who have served our country. To learn more, please visit: or contact us at



U.S. Vets is on a mission to end veteran homelessness in the United States. “The streets” are simply no place for veterans; no place for the many men and women who volunteered, giving of themselves and their youth, to protect our great freedoms. US Vets houses staff at Patriotic Hall to assist with homelessness and other vital resources.

Part-time, in-house partners:
Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation

The mission of the Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation (TASF) is to honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen by providing motivation, access and scholarships to assist financially and academically deserving students in the pursuit of their college education

Los Angeles County Bar Association – Veteran Legal Service Project

If you’re a veteran seeking legal help, the LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project may be able to help.

Veteran Treatment Courts in California

Provides legal self-help clinics for veterans and families.

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Josh O’Brien, Stand-Up Comedian, Navy Sea Bee Veteran
Josh O’Brien, Stand-Up Comedian, Navy Sea Bee Veteran 952 607 Lavanya Suresh

Josh O’Brien, Stand-Up Comedian, Navy Sea Bee Veteran Josh O’Brien…

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Vet Day LA Campaign
Vet Day LA Campaign 750 438 Dionne

MVA has launched a media campaign to promote services provided by MVA’s accredited Veteran Service Officers to assist veterans, National Guardsmen and military reservists throughout the County.

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Success Story
Success Story 1024 614 Dionne

Vietnam veteran Ruben Garcia served in the US Army from 4/69-3/72, and subsequently developed multiple serious medical conditions, including diabetes, Hep C, cancer and liver disease, that contributed to his death in 2013.

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The Wolf Connection
The Wolf Connection 750 592 Mike Knox

Military & Veterans Affairs has partnered with The Wolf Connection–a wolf sanctuary–to provide women veterans a resilient community. For more info, call 1-877-4LA-VETS. Building Resiliency with the Wolf Connection.

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New Faces of Freedom
New Faces of Freedom 640 425 lacmvanewdev

New Faces of Freedom
To commemorate the twenty-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9.11.01, the LA County Department of Military and Veterans Affairs has produced a series of videos with service men, women and families from the post 9-11 military era, entitled “New Faces of Freedom.”

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