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PACT ACT – Apply Now 1024 593 Dionne

PACT ACT – Apply Now

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Success Story

Vietnam veteran Ruben Garcia served in the US Army from 4/69-3/72, and subsequently developed multiple serious medical conditions, including diabetes, Hep C, cancer and liver disease, that contributed to his death in 2013. read more
12-08-2021 Agenda 150 150 Dionne

12-08-2021 Agenda


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Vets Pledge
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Pledge Vet

Pledge Vet The weekly Board of Supervisors meeting for the County of Los Angeles initiates with the Pledge of Allegiance led by the Pledge Vet of the week. read more
Patriotic Hall Offices are open from: 8am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
• Wednesday from 8am-8pm•

For veteran services, please contact or call 1-877-4LA-VETS.
If you are interested in renting an event space, please contact
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